What happens when the unexpected happens?

This is often a real insight into the character of a learner. Curiosity, creativity, persistence and camaraderie require vulnerability. Putting yourself out there, being brave in every sense of the word, is a way into exploring something new and not giving up, even when the ‘new’ is tricky. Whether learning is inside the intricacies of making and being a friend, writing letters that at first are so difficult, exploring our natural world with the wonder that comes from deep within or when an ‘actual’ spider falls into your gumboot, how we respond keeps us open to further inquiry or not…. hearing the language of learning helps to build resilience, resourcefulness and reflective inquiry, three of Guy Claxton’s learning power words. And the fourth, so very powerful for learning, is wrapped up inside social learning where we bump ideas around together and come up with innovative, collaborative efforts that are far more than individuals can muster on their own. Addie’s learning, captured by Bridget in the Learning Story Archaeologists, gives a glimpse into this kind of learning. Archaeologists


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